​If you're out of province or feeling handy and want to get a headstart on your design, here's how to take your own backyard measurements.

Outdoor Living Space Design & Build Packages

You’ve seen our original backyard deck designs featured on HGTV Canada’s “Decked Out”, hosted by the creator, owner, and CEO of Paul Lafrance Design, Paul Lafrance. Are you dreaming of having the perfect design for your own backyard oasis?

We can help!

Using state-of-the-art 3D design technology, we will work with you to create a haven you may never have thought possible. Your backyard deck design will be custom-crafted to your lifestyle and represent a one-of-a-kind vision for the space that you call home!

In Ontario, we’ve partnered with The Deck Store for the installation of your Paul Lafrance Design deck. Outside of Ontario, we also have a network of recommended builders ready to get the job done.

Build & Design Options


​We will visit your home for approximately one hour. You will receive expert tips and advise, design ideas, and a conceptual sketch of a design concept for your project. Also included is a 60 minute design presentation and product review at our showroom.

Cost: $150 – $500 Range depends on complexity of project, location and drive time, plus timing constraints.

Material List

​If you require a full material list for your own project build, we can do that too!! We will provide a comprehensive material list, including framing, decking, fasteners, railings, lights, etc.. Paul Lafrance design does not take responsibility for shortages and overages on materials. This list is meant to be a guide line only. Your builder should do their own material take off and use this list as a guide. Requires a design drawing as well as a construction drawing.

Cost: $300-$500 Range depends on complexity and size of project.

Design Drawings

​You will receive a professional 2D design drawing showing measurements and other details of the project.

Cost: $750-$1000 for a basic design. Range depends on complexity of drawing and details required.

3D Design Drawings

​ Often a 2D design is not enough to fully visualize what your backyard transformation will look like. This is why most of our clients will choose 3D design drawings. Our package includes a full set of professional 3D conceptual design drawings, showing your project from various vantage points. Requires a 2D design drawing.

Cost: From $1750 Price will depend on complexity, size and details of project.

Project Management Only

​If you have chosen to build a project yourself or have hired your own builder, we can provide project management to ensure that our design is built to Paul Lafrance standards. This will guarantee long term peace of mind as you enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come.

Cost: 10-18% of the project value (as determined by us) – allows 1 site visit per week of build time. Any additional visits will be charged at $250 each.

Construction Drawing

​We will provide a complete set of scaled construction drawings – shows pier locations, beam sizes and spans, joist sizes and spans, complete frame layout, decking patterns, lighting plan, and other details such as railings, privacy screens, pergolas, etc. Requires a Design Drawing. Not BCIN approved or suitable for permit applications.

Cost: $500-$750 Range depends on complexity of drawings and details required. Requires a 2D Design Drawing.

BCIN Drawings

​If your project requires a building permit, we'll take care of everything. Permit ready drawings will be completed by a BCIN designated designer and we will apply for the permit for you. Revisions requested by the building department, yourself or an outside contractor, will require additional fees.

Cost: $1000-$1500 Range depends on complexity of project. (Ontario only)

Design My Outdoor Living Space

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