The Hollow Timber Co. (Friends)

Hollow Timber Co.

Exposed beams make a dramatic statement, taking an ordinary room and making it grand. Unfortunately, a lot of homes don’t have beams to expose, and installing them can be difficult and costly, but thankfully that isn’t your only option. A great company that Paul is thrilled to work with is The Hollow Timber Co.

To reproduce the look and feel of authentic timber framing, Hollow Timber Co. has created hollow beams that are made of real high-quality white pine but are lightweight and don’t require any structural alterations. The beams are fitted using an advanced system that creates invisible seams, so final product looks like real solid beams. Hollow Timber Co. is a Canadian company that designs, crafts, finishes and installs their hollow timber systems in-house. This allows them to offer a variety of product choices to achieve truly unique designs for every client. With customizable colours and finishes, you can get the perfect beams to coordinate with any design.

The Hollow Timber Co.’s unique hollow design also opens up many possibilities for lighting and electrical. When using the box beam system you can run pot lights, pendants, strip lights or even chandeliers with ease. Their designs are semi-structural and work with all conventional construction methods including: new builds, renovations or within fully finished spaces. Hollow Timber Co. can install the beams for you, or you can have them installed by your contractor or even do it yourself, the choice is up to you.

Suiting both modern and traditional designs, Hollow Timber Co. will add a new dimension to your tired and boring white ceiling. Check out their gallery for inspiration before your next reno. Thanks for dropping by for another ‘We <3 It!’ Wednesday, come on back next week for more inspiring products and companies we know you’ll love too. For a list of our favourites head on over to the recommended page, and as always we would love to hear about any products or services you think we might like. Touch base with us and give us the details.

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