Paul Lafrance (Partners)

Partners of Paul Lafrance Design

Paul Lafrance Design has been honoured to work with a huge variety of companies over the years, each with cool products or excellent service that have been an asset to the projects they contributed to. We’ve also been excited about developing what we call the “Fellowship of Artisans.” These are companies that we have partnered with so that we can work together with them, with Paul as a brand ambassador. We’re having a blast working in synergy with these companies as we move toward exciting and innovative new products. Here’s the scoop:

Techno Metal Post
Techno Metal Post (Partners)

When he’s creating a backyard transformation, Paul wants to be sure that the foundation supporting his client’s deck is rock solid.  Techno Metal Post has become our go-to for footings that are not only dependable and high quality, but install in a snap with the help of trained technicians and get our projects off to an oh-so-smooth start.   We are proud to be creating a partnership with this exceptional Canadian company.

Regal Ideas
Regal Ideas

We’re always on the lookout for new game-changing products, and Regal Ideas delivers in spades.  Always innovative and always dreaming, this is a fantastic group of people to work with, and one that Paul is proud to name a partner!

Stanley (Tab)Bostitch (Tab)DeWalt (Tab)

When you’re on the go building big projects and making thousands of cuts, being let down by your tools can really ruin your day. Paul and his build teams need tools that work as hard as they do. So who do they go to? Easy, the best in the industry: STANLEY, BOSTITCH, and DEWALT.

Trex Company Inc
Trex (Partners)

Making a big investment in your home is a big deal, and we absolutely recommend considering your deck materials very carefully. There is an incredible variety of options available to you, and each one offers different values in maintenance, durability, and beauty. Paul has high expectations for the material he uses, and Trex Transcend is the best in the business.  He always be on the cutting edge by using innovative products, and Trex always delivers.

We are looking forward to announcing future members of the “Fellowship of Artisans” in 2016!