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Regal Ideas

Railings aren’t just for safety anymore, they are as important to your outdoor design as the deck itself. Choosing the right railing is essential in perfecting your backyard oasis and that is why Paul is a proud supporter of Regal Ideas.

Founded over 26 years ago and based out of BC, Canada, Regal Ideas has become the largest selling aluminum railing brand in North America. Their innovative designs and constant evolution of cutting edge products sets them apart from the competition as a true industry leader.

Why would you use aluminum railing instead of traditional wood? Regal Aluminum Railing not only looks great, it’s easy to install, lasts longer, and requires little or no maintenance. Available in five colours to compliment any design, and in a variety of styles including glass panels for more of an open feel, Regal Ideas has exactly what you need to finish off your deck or porch in style.

Regal Ideas also manufactures aluminum stair stringers, columns and fencing to work with their railing systems, as well as a full range of Telesteps Engineered Climbing Products. They are always improving and expanding to find better solutions for homeowners, developers and builders.

Regal Railing is the only code approved system for all jurisdictions in North America and it comes with a 20 year limited warranty. So if you are looking for a product that is as reliable as it is beautiful, check out everything Regal Ideas has to offer on their website.

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