This crew … built our dream…

We’re delighted to share this testimonial from a satisfied client:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of [Paul Lafrance Design] for their professionalism, hard work, caring and understanding but in order to do that I must share some of my building project with you. My partner and I wanted a sanctuary (an oasis) built in our backyard where we could escape from the world around us and the every day pressures and stress of life, but we weren’t sure how we were going to attain that seeing as we live in a subdivision. The first person I spoke with at [Paul Lafrance Design] was Rachael. She understood how important it was to us to have our deck done in a rather timely manner, and she was wonderful enough to schedule Paul Lafrance to come out and see us in our home within the week. Throughout this whole project, Rachel was extremely helpful and was able to assist me in a caring and professional manner … by the end of the project felt like part of our family (all of the team felt like family by the end of the project). Then we met deck designer, Paul Lafrance, and he sat with us for over 4 hours and took the time to understand what our vision was. He cared about what we wanted and needed, understood our budget and somehow he was able to take all of our ideas and requests (and there were many to sort through) and to build our oasis on his computer. It was amazing to see it on his screen and to hear the ideas that he was going to incorporate … We cannot thank Paul enough for building us our sanctuary in our backyard, it is absolutely amazing and we cannot praise him enough for incorporating us into our deck by coming up with what we (as customers) truly wanted and needed out of our deck. The next step in our project was meeting our building crew starting with our on-site supervisor, Bill and the other members of this absolutely amazing construction crew, Peter and Dave. I cannot say enough about these three men and the work that they did for us – perfectionists, caring, hardworking, dedicated, understanding, willing to go above and beyond, and so on and so on. Words cannot explain these 3 men and the work that they do and the personalities that each of them has, but I can tell you that the saddest day of the whole project was the day that we had to say goodbye… We felt as if we were losing a part of our family, and although the work they did was absolutely fantastic, we wanted to rip down the deck just to have them stay and rebuild it again. We have seen other crews work on other projects within our subdivision, but these men took their time to ensure that everything was done with caring and precision. They worked every moment that they were at our home, their diligence and professionalism is second to none. They respected our home and our property and ensured that they kept things as neat as possible … This crew took the plans and built our dream, a 600 square foot, 3-tier backyard sanctuary that is, as my partner says – “too nice to dirty with our barbeque”. The materials that they used were the best, and they ensured that everything was completely and professionally finished ensuring even the littlest details was taken care of. When we had questions or concerns, they were met with professional reasoning and understanding, and we felt as if our concerns were received and heard. Bill was always one step ahead of us. Thank you, [Paul Lafrance Design], for building us our dream and know that Kathy and I appreciate all that you did for us and we miss you all. We highly recommend [Paul Lafrance Design] to all of our friends, family and neighbors and know that when we have other building projects to do we will definitely be calling Rachael to book an appointment with Paul. See you on our next project … I think we’ll do the basement next.
Darlene & Kathy