Design Packages (What We Do)

Outdoor Living Space Design & Build Packages

You’ve seen our original backyard deck designs featured on HGTV Canada’s “Decked Out“, hosted by the creator, owner and CEO of Paul Lafrance Design, Paul Lafrance. Are you dreaming of having the perfect design for your own backyard oasis?

We can help!

Using state-of-the-art 3D design technology, we will work with you to create a haven you may never have thought possible. Your backyard deck design will be custom-crafted to your lifestyle and represent a one-of-a-kind vision for the space that you call home!

In Ontario, we’ve partnered with The Deck Store for the installation of your Paul Lafrance Design deck. Outside of Ontario, we also have a network of recommended builders ready to get the job done.

Build & Design Options

● Bronze Package
A simple & traditional lumber relaxation space of your own.
Deck Build Estimate $15K – $30K
Traditional wood or entry-level composite deck. For the budget conscious consumer or tighter spaces. Allows for BBQ and dining area.

Bronze Package (Services) Bronze Package (Services) Bronze Packages (Services)

● Silver Package
Add some pizzazz to your traditional lumber deck, or upgrade to cozy low-maintenance.
Deck Build Estimate $30K – $50K
Midsize spaces with alternative materials (composite, PVC) or larger spaces with traditional wood decking. Room for BBQ, dining and lounging.

Silver Package Silver Package Silver Package

● Sapphire Package
Revitalize your yard with a personal oasis you can’t wait to show off.
Deck Build Estimate $50K – $80K
Midsize to larger spaces with lower maintenance decking and railing. Allows for extra features such as privacy, lighting, accents & borders, etc.

Sapphire Package Sapphire Package Sapphire Package

● Gold Package
A stunning paradise at home with premium materials & decadent luxury.
Deck Build Estimate $80K – $130K
Our signature low maintenance deck with ultra low maintenance decking material — this is our most popular design package. Designed for larger spaces, multi-level areas, 2nd storey decks, entertainment, overhead shade structures, privacy and lighting. This is a true outdoor living space with multi functional zones.

Gold Package Gold Package Gold Package

● Platinum Package
We’ll pull out all the stops for your slice of Heaven!

Deck Build Estimate $130K – $250K
A total back yard transformation. Large multi zone areas with all the bells and whistles. Designed for the Wow factor to be the envy of the neighbourhood. Possible room for pool or swim spa, functional shade structures, custom privacy panels, fire features & bar. A designer’s dream for us — a show stopper for you.

Platinum Package Platinum Package Platinum Package

● Diamond Package
Hold on tight because the sky’s the limit. We’ll make your wildest dream a reality!

Deck Build Estimate $250K and up
The ultimate back yard dream — let your imagination go wild — or let ours do that for you. We’ll pull out all the stops to bring you a design you’d never dream possible.

Platinum Package Platinum Package Platinum Package

Design Packages & Project Services

Now, we are offering a customized design package that allows you to mix and match the services you need!

Consultation: Up to 1 hour at the client’s home — includes tips and advice from the experts, design ideas, a hand sketch of a design idea for the project. Also includes up to 60 minutes at our showroom for design presentation and product review.
Cost: $150 – $500 Range depends on complexity of project, location and drive time, plus timing constraints

Design Drawing: Professional 2D design drawing showing measurements and other details of the project.
Cost: $750-$1000 for a basic design.  Range depends on complexity of drawing and details required.

Construction Drawings: Complete set of scaled construction drawings in layers – shows pier locations, beam sizes and spans, joist sizes and spans, complete frame layout, decking patterns, lighting plan, and other details such as railings, privacy screens, pergolas, etc. Requires a Design Drawing.  Not BCIN approved or suitable for permit applications.
Cost: $500-$750 Range depends on complexity of drawings and details required. Requires a 2D Design Drawing.

Material List: List of all materials required for project including framing, decking, fasteners, railings, lights, etc. Paul Lafrance Design does not take responsibility for shortages and overages on materials – this list is meant to be a guideline only. The builder should do their own take off and use this list as a guide. Requires a Design Drawing as well as Construction Drawing.
Cost: $300-$500 Range depends on complexity and size of project

3D Design Drawings: Full set of professional 3D conceptual design drawings showing project from various angles. Requires a 2D Design Drawing.
Cost: From $1750 Price will depend on complexity, size and details of project

BCIN Drawings (Ontario Only): Permit ready drawings done by a BCIN designated designer who understands the decking industry. Revisions requested by Building Department or homeowner or contractor to be extra. Requires a 2D Design Drawing.
Cost: $1000-$1500 Range depends on complexity of project

Project Management: Our vast experience and expertise is what you are getting. We will oversee the construction of your project and ensure that it is built to our high standards. Includes site visits at key intervals in the progress of the project.
Cost: 10-18% of the project value (as determined by us) – allows 1 site visit per week of build time. Any additional visits will be charged at $250 each.

Ready to go? So are we! We’ve got a handy form to help you quickly & easily submit your photos and tell us about your deck design project. Ready…set…go!