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AWE East – Brands We Trust

Spring is on the way! Soon it’ll be warm enough to lounge outside on a sunny lazy Sunday…but what about when the summer scorchers come? You don’t need to schedule your relaxation around the weather or intensity of the sun. For us, that’s where AWE East comes in.

Because so few of us can pick up and leave for a stress-free week of vacation, it’s important for your yard to offer as many of the comforts of vacation as possible. That means versatility, so you can modify your space to fit your mood and schedule. Many of us have limited space, so areas that can do double-duty as both a sheltered lounge and a place to sunbathe are incredibly valuable. By day, you can extend the awning over your hot tub to enjoy an early afternoon soak in the shade, and retract it later on to enjoy the evening sky. Talk about versatile!

Paul has used AWE East ShadeFX canopies on a number of projects on “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks”, creating customizable shelter for a variety of clients to fit their lifestyles. For the more modest budget, we’ve used manually retractable awnings which are quick and simple to move. For a flashier solution, we’ve also used motorized canopies for a style that just can’t be beat. They are customizable and made-to-order, for a space of any size or shape. Paul has even been able to incorporate a slick, arched awning for an unbeatable dramatic flair.

Like many of our favourite companies, AWE East is proudly Canadian just like us, and they really “get it” when it comes to knowing the kind of weather resistance Canadians need from their outdoor products. Check out some of the ways Paul has incorporated retractable awnings into projects from “Decked Out”! See you next week for another spotlight! Contact Paul today!

HGTV Star Paul Lafrance An evening with VIP HGTV Star Paul Lafrance

HGTV Star Paul Lafrance – An evening with VIP HGTV Star Paul Lafrance

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the upcoming VIP Evening with HGTV Star, Paul Lafrance, happening in only three days on Friday March 28th from 6:30 – 9:30pm, at the CLE Coliseum in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Brought to you by the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition and Soroptimist International, the event is taking place in support of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. Attendees will be treated to an inspiring and educational session with information about the newest, latest & best in home design, renovations and landscaping. Included is a VIP reception with cocktails, refreshments and a chance for networking.

Tickets are $50, and available online or at the CLE Main Office. Come on down!

New Decked Out and Disaster Decks Airing Soon The New Episodes Will be Airing Back-to-Back

New Decked Out and Disaster Decks Airing Soon

It’s the news you’ve been waiting to hear! We’re pleased to announce that Paul’s shows “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks” will be back on HGTV with all new episodes starting on April 8th at 9:00pm ET/PT! The new seasons will feature all the hijinks, deck rescues, pranks, happy homeowners & stunning designs that you’ve come to love.

The new episodes will be airing back-to-back, so be sure to set aside your Tuesday evenings to enjoy the awesome double feature.

Every week, we’ll be blogging about the new episodes & sharing cool photos to give you a closer look at the project featured in the most recent episode. We can’t wait!

Be-On Stone Architectural Panels Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Be-On Stone – Brands We Trust

Stacked stone walls have a timeless, rich look that can take a project from ‘nice’ to ‘spectacular’. The problem: Traditional styles are heavy, time-consuming to install, and between the cost of the materials and the time of the skilled mason required to do it right, you could be too busy paying off the second mortgage on your house to enjoy your home’s new look. That’s why Paul Lafrance Design is always on the lookout for ways to do it better, and what a find Be-on stone is!

Be-on stone architectural panels are a revolution in stone siding. Made of lightweight stamped concrete, they are cost-effective and time-saving, without sacrificing the uniqueness and beauty of real stone. Because the colours are mixed right into the concrete during manufacturing, the colour will not fade or become damaged over time, even if the panel is chipped. Speaking of manufacturing, Be-on stone panels are a proudly Canadian product.

And did we mention time-saving? With traditional stone siding, you need to parge and mess around with mortar to get the job done lickety-split. Just like a sided wall, Be-on stone panels are installed using a starter strip. The panels just click into place along the strip, and fix securely in place with a couple of screws. The tops of the panels create the strip that the next row will click into, and the Z-shaped sides interlock seamlessly, even around corners. What would have taken days now requires only hours, and the cleanup is minimal too. “Instant stone wall, and no headaches,” Paul enthuses.

We’ve incorporated Be-on stone panels into luxury decks on “Decked Out” and can’t wait for more opportunities to explore their uses indoors on Paul’s new upcoming show “Custom Built“.

Got a cool product that would be a good fit with Paul Lafrance Design? We’re always on the lookout for fresh new ideas, so we’d love for you to tell us about it!

Paul Lafrance Design Woodstock & Thunder Bay Appearances March Has Been a Busy Month Here at Paul Lafrance Design and It’s Not Over Yet!

Woodstock & Thunder Bay Appearances

March has been a busy month here at Paul Lafrance Design and it’s not over yet! Paul‘s travels will next be taking him to Woodstock and Thunder Bay.

Paul will be presenting at the Woodstock Home Show on Saturday March 22nd at 12:00pm Noon and again at 3:00pm! The show will be taking place in Woodstock Ontario, west of Toronto. Other seminars include “Powertools for the Handyman” and “Sanding Techniques for your Antiques” by Lou Peeters, and there’s even a Handyman Team Challenge to participate in! It’s going to be a fun show.

For a VIP Evening With HGTV Star, Paul Lafrance, Paul will be traveling north to Thunder Bay Ontario. The event will take place on Friday March 28th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. The event will involve a VIP reception with cocktails. refreshments and a chance for networking, followed by a keynote from Paul! Click here to order your tickets online!

That’s all for now!

Phantom Screens Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Phantom Screens – Brands We Trust

You want protection from sun and bugs when it’s needed, but when it’s not, you’re stuck staring at unnecessary screens that impede your view and hem you in. Not anymore. Welcome to the future! Phantom Screens is an amazing product that adds a subtle flair of space-age class while still being totally practical.

We like to use Phantom Screens on projects where the client wants the best of both worlds when it comes to the beauty of an unobstructed view & the protection that screens provide. And of course, there’s the style! You just can’t beat the coolness factor of a screen that retracts away right before your eyes. The variety of options available to customize your screens just sweeten the deal. They can be controlled with wall-mounted switches, hand-held remotes, or even environmental sensors to automatically save you from the sun or retract your screens to protect them from windy storms. We love that with a variety of mesh types to choose from, each optimized for different needs of privacy, bug, or UV protection, we can find the perfect solution for any client. A variety of colour options is the icing on the custom-crafted cake.

Retractable screens are not just perfect for the three-season room you’ve been dreaming of; Phantom Screens has solutions for doors and windows, too.

As always, Paul has high expectations when it comes to the quality of the products he relies on, and Phantom delivers in spades. Every installation is done to perfection, and the client is left with a smile on their face! This is a premium product that is worth the investment in your home, and while Phantom Screens has grown into a multi-national company, they haven’t forgotten their Canadian roots. Paul Lafrance Design is proud to work with this fantastic company & their innovative products!

Toolbox Takeover HOSS Magazine March & April 2014 Issue

Toolbox Takeover – HOSS Magazine

Check out the March/April 2014 issue of HOSS Magazine to see Paul Lafrance talking tools in “Toolbox Takeover”!

In this interview, Paul talks about the most used (and misused!) tools in his deck-building arsenal and his tool wishlist.

Interview with Paul Lafrance

Home and Garden Show 2015 – Thank you! The 26th International Home & Garden Show

Home and Garden Show 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the 26th International Home & Garden Show this year!  We had a blast and met lots of wonderful people over the course of the show.

If you’re planning an upgrade to your yard, why not have Paul Lafrance custom design a deck just for you?  We’d love to help!  Hurry before the spring season starts!

Napoleon Grills and Fireplace Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Napoleon Grills and Fireplace – Brands We Trust

Ahh, the iconic North American deck activity: Barbequing! We sure love our barbequed dinners (and lunches, and breakfasts…let’s not limit ourselves!) on the deck, but the barbeque is often an afterthought when it comes to planning your deck. But the design aspect is a discussion for another time. Today the question is not where to but your barbeque, but which should you use?

For a custom built-in barbeque unit, Paul loves Napoleon Grills and Fireplace. When it comes to such an important and frequently-used feature in your yard, you want the best of the best. With a variety of options for a personalized grill, the possibilities are endless, and any chef from weekend hobbyist to gourmet professional can get exactly the features they need. And that’s just the grill. Since these units are installed into a non-combustible enclosure, you’ll get to personalize that too. On “Decked Out“, Paul has matched these units with stone facing, stone counters, and even lit glass for a stunning cooking area that looks as fantastic as it cooks.

For a smaller space investment, Napoleon Grills and Fireplace are no slouch either, and share many of the same options as the built-ins. The team likes to pair them with built-in side tables to expand your work space, and the sleek & stylish look of the grills makes it easy to create a gorgeous barbeque area. In his designs, Paul never lets barbeque placement become an afterthought, and these are grills that you’ll be proud to showcase on your deck.

Classic FireplaceGrills aren’t the only way to exercise expertise with fire, so it’s only natural that Paul Lafrance Design looks to Classic Fireplace for many of the fire features we use in our projects. Like the Napoleon line of grills, these fireplace solutions have a variety of options that help make every installation unique.

Paul & the crew has loved working with these fine folks on “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks“, because they are passionate about their products and their clients. It shows not only in their service, but in the very thorough manuals that they provide with their products, which make for a quick installation and a flawless finish. No joke: Nobody wants to lose hours of time trying to interpret obscure instructions, but for some manufacturers, manuals are just an afterthought.

See you next week for another installment in our spotlight series!

Home and Garden Show – Booth Location Update The 26th International Home & Garden Show

Booth Location Update at The Home and Garden Show

Last week, we posted about the upcoming 26th International Home & Garden Show. We will now be at a different booth than previously announced. You can find us at booth #1521. That’s in Hall B of the convention centre, near the gardening stage.

We’re very excited about the show and look forward to meeting you! It’s a perfect opportunity to talk to us about getting your very own Paul Lafrance Design for your outdoor living space.

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