Decked Out Season Four The Privacy Deck & The Stainless Mesh Deck

Decked Out Season Four – The Privacy Deck & The Stainless Mesh Deck

We’d like to invite you to come on by our gallery for a closer look at the final two projects of season 4 of “Decked Out“! On these projects, Paul put some cool new materials to the test to create stunningly unique outdoor spaces.

“The Privacy Deck” features arched polycarbonate coverings that provide shade and shelter but let in lots and lots of light for a bright and welcoming oasis. Plus, cool motorized bug screening on the lower level lets the homeowners choose their level of exposure at the touch of a button!

And living up to its name, “The Stainless Mesh Deck” features lots of gorgeous custom woven steel mesh! Privacy screens, pergolas, and even furniture. How comfortable can steel be? As it turns out: Pretty darn comfortable!

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  • The Privacy Deck
  • The Stainless Mesh Deck
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