Redding Designs

Paul Lafrance is proud to have a partnership with Redding Designs, a creative bunch of guys that are passionate about design and functionality for websites since 2001. They believe that a great website is the heart of any company and that’s where they come in!

From start to finish your website will be developed by amazing graphic designers and programmers, ensuring that it will be awesome. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have… Everything is possible with the expertise from these guys!

Redding Designs does not just create awesome websites, it creates beard approved websites. What does that mean you ask? It is an elite group of businesses who can count themselves lucky enough to have the beard seal of approval on their website – and Paul Lafrance is one of the lucky ones.

It means having a modern design, being mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and it must have cool, in your face, pictures and graphics. If you are not in possession of a website with the beard seal of approval give them a shout and together, using their formidable powers of design, they will correct this problem for you!

And Redding Designs is more than just a web development company, it’s a multi-media company! Check out the complete list of services that will help your business to stand out online:

Web development

E-commerce solutions

Custom wordpress design

Content management system (CMS)

Logo design branding

Print media

Business cards & Letterheads

Flyers & Brochures

Catalogues & Menus


Website marketing

Google Ads

Facebook Ads


Content writing

Social Media Management

Internet services

Domain search & registration

Website hosting

Email hosting

Shared & VPS Servers

See for yourself the amazing work made by the Redding Designs team! Visit the website and learn more about the web development and digital marketing solutions for your business!

Techno Metal Post

Since Paul Lafrance and his team love to revitalize outdoor living spaces and transform back yards into safe havens that will be a relaxing retreat for their owners, a smart and affordable solution is necessary for foundation projects. Therefore, Paul Lafrance is proud to be creating a partnership with an exceptional Canadian company: Techno Metal Post.

About the company

Worldwide leader in helical pile foundations, Techno Metal Post installs helical foundation piles for residential, commercial, and industrial applications using a proprietary hydraulic machine. There is no excavation required, no impact to the landscaping, and no footing inspections.

The Techno Metal Post system is cost effective for any contractor to utilize in their projects from decks to additions, sunrooms, foundation underpinning, solar panel support. Over the years, Techno Metal Post has developed a network of quality dealers offering Techno Metal Post deep foundation system, a reliable technique recognized around the world by thousands of clients, construction professionals such as Paul Lafrance, and competent authorities.


Residential foundations



Mobile homes





Clothes line posts


Solar panels

Foundations for tourism-related structures




Belvederes/town squares



Foundation repairs



House raising

Protective foundations




Retaining walls

Supports for industrial equipment

Marine foundations



Boat elevators

Coastal building sites

Why does Paul Lafrance Design love to incorporate Techno Metal Post in projects?

When it comes to any type of foundation or ground support and you try Techno Metal Post once, you’ll never think about doing it any other way! And that’s not all that puts Techno Metal Post in a class all its own. Each and every installation comes with an engineering certification that guarantees each footing is installed correctly and to the depth required to bear its load.

Learn more about the best screw pile foundation service by visiting Techno Metal Post website.

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