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Spring is on the way! Soon it’ll be warm enough to lounge outside on a sunny lazy Sunday…but what about when the summer scorchers come? You don’t need to schedule your relaxation around the weather or intensity of the sun. For us, that’s where AWE East comes in.

Because so few of us can pick up and leave for a stress-free week of vacation, it’s important for your yard to offer as many of the comforts of vacation as possible. That means versatility, so you can modify your space to fit your mood and schedule. Many of us have limited space, so areas that can do double-duty as both a sheltered lounge and a place to sunbathe are incredibly valuable. By day, you can extend the awning over your hot tub to enjoy an early afternoon soak in the shade, and retract it later on to enjoy the evening sky. Talk about versatile!

Paul has used AWE East ShadeFX canopies on a number of projects on “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks”, creating customizable shelter for a variety of clients to fit their lifestyles. For the more modest budget, we’ve used manually retractable awnings which are quick and simple to move. For a flashier solution, we’ve also used motorized canopies for a style that just can’t be beat. They are customizable and made-to-order, for a space of any size or shape. Paul has even been able to incorporate a slick, arched awning for an unbeatable dramatic flair.

Like many of our favourite companies, AWE East is proudly Canadian just like us, and they really “get it” when it comes to knowing the kind of weather resistance Canadians need from their outdoor products. Check out some of the ways Paul has incorporated retractable awnings into projects from “Decked Out”! See you next week for another spotlight! Contact Paul today!

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