Venture Games Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Venture Games – Brands We Trust

Known for being one of the very best in the business, Venture Games creates traditional, pro level gaming tables that are as elegant as they are functional. Each table is created domestically — no outsourcing overseas labour — by master crafters armed with passionate dedication & years of experience, using top quality materials. A little bit like us! Clearly, Paul working with Venture was a match made in Heaven.

Every single Venture Games gaming table is a work of art, made to order according to the client’s choice of customizations, which can include finishes, leathers, details and hardwoods. They carry a full complement of accessories, too, including leather dust covers made to fit your table, brushes, lighting, score boards & more! Your brand new table will also come with your own table care kit, including all the liquid wax, silicone spray, and other products that’ll keep your table perfect for years to come. You can check out their website here!

Plus, Venture Games tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses, from competition-sized shuffleboard tables to smaller versions that fit well in a compact family home. And not just shuffleboard! When we chose the Winston ping pong table for our project, we knew that not only would the homeowners receive an excellently crafted & attractive play surface, they’d also have a beautiful and functional table that looks perfectly at home regardless of its dual nature! Constructed of solid 1-3/4″ thick rock hard maple, this is one that they’ll be passing down to the kids (and their kids’ kids!). With gaming tables like these, you’ll be moving your gaming room out of your basement and making it part of your daily living.

Friendly, enthusiastic and with fantastic customer service, Venture Games is a company that Paul Lafrance Design is proud to count among our suppliers. See you next week for another ‘We <3 It!’ Wednesday feature!

Hidden Vision TV Mounts Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Hidden Vision TV Mounts – Brands We Trust

As a radical and outside-the-box kind of guy, Paul is always on the lookout for unique design solutions for his projects. When we spotted the Hidden Vision TV Mounts, he couldn’t resist! These mounts are like nothing we’d ever seen before. They don’t just conceal the television, they make it disappear effortlessly and without a trace, turning it into a painting, decorative mirror, or hidden panel.

The idea is simple. It’s great to relax and let go of the day with your favourite television show (we recommend checking out Custom Built!), but when it’s not in use, that blank empty screen is pretty uninspiring. Plus, it takes up room that, if you’re like us, you’ve been yearning to fill with beautiful art and photography. For the person who never has enough space in their home for art, a Hidden Vision TV Mount is a must-have!

How does it work? The Hidden Vision TV Mount hinges with specially designed counter balancing linkage technology that neutralizes the weight of the TV. This makes the mount extremely easy to operate manually, so that it unfolds at just a touch. For even more convenience, motorized mounts can be created too! For additional versatility, there are three styles of mount, including a flip-around wall mount and two varieties of extending mounts for the TV-lover who enjoys watching from the comfort of their bed. From an installation point of view, Paul & the team finds these units to be easy to install, requiring no special modifications to the wall. Plus, their strength leaves you confident that your expensive television is safe & secure!

With such ingenious craftsmanship, we at Paul Lafrance Design just had to incorporate this cool & innovative product! Consider a Hidden Vision TV Mount for your next remodeling project, we think it’s well worth the investment. Join us next week for another ‘We <3 It!’ Wednesday!

New Trend Corporation Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

New Trend Corporation – Brands We Trust

A little metal can go a long way in bringing a sense of classic refinement into your space. From cut metal privacy screens, to decorative iron inserts, to balusters for deck railings, Paul keeps coming back to New Trend Corporation’s diverse selections.

Another Canadian company, New Trend Corporation’s specialty is fencing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do great things for your deck. Thanks to the well-designed versatility of their products, the sky’s the limit when Paul starts dreaming up new ways to use them! Whenever Paul wants to spice up a privacy barrier with a cool metal insert, this is the company that we turn to first. Their laser-cut metal screens are powder-coated and resistant to rust, and have a ten year guarantee. They’ll even do custom work if we need an extra-unique touch! Nice.

Glass railings & balusters are a slick and ultra-modern choice for your deck railings, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with a more classic look. New Trend Corporation creates metal balusters as well, in a variety of shapes & styles, from classic to contemporary. They’ve supplied us with everything from traditional wrought iron single balusters (for the ultimate in custom installation) to quick-to-install panels created to incorporate into both deck and stair railings. You never want to ruin a gorgeous deck with an eyesore of a railing. It needs to complement and heighten the beauty of your family’s home oasis, and remain strong for years to come, making New Trend Corporation a great choice.

With products appearing on a number of episodes of HGTV’s “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks“, & with more to come, New Trend Corporation is here to stay on our list of top suppliers.

Tune in next week for the latest on a fantastic new fire feature that’s cozy…and delicious. We’ll tell you why on our next “We <3 It!” Wednesday.

Stanley, Bostitch and DeWalt Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Stanley Bostitch DeWalt – Brands We Trust

Tough! That’s the word we’d use to describe the tools that the Paul Lafrance Design build crews need. When you’re on the go building big projects and making thousands of cuts, being let down by your tools can really ruin your day. Paul and his build teams need tools that work as hard as they do. So who do they go to? Easy: The best in the industry.

For hand tools, Stanley has everything a carpenter needs, from tape measures to chisels, and everything in between. Even rolling storage bins that make transporting our tools on and off the job site quick and easy. What a lifesaver! When we’re working outside, we need tools that we know we can trust not to fail us, even in the worst weather conditions. The durability of Stanley tools is our favourite thing about them.

Bostitch nailers are some of the tools that we depend upon most. These tools aren’t just reliable, innovative, and time-saving. They can also take a beating and they just keep on going, through joist-hanging, finishing, and pranking Kate by nailing her belt to a post (we told you we like to have fun). Of course, we like to get down to business too, and Bostitch compressors & fasteners help us hit the ground running.

DeWalt – Guaranteed Tough Rounding off the trifecta are DeWalt power tools. Precise, powerful, state-of-the-art, and of course, dependable. They are everything a carpenter needs to get the job done! Our favourites are the 1/4″ impact driver, and their groundbreaking battery-powered nailer that saves us a huge amount of time. Technology has come a long way in making these tools lightweight, versatile and easy to use.

When building projects for “Disaster Decks” and “Decked Out“, these are the tools that Paul reaches for first. See you next week as we take a closer look at another of our favourites on “We <3 It!” Wednesday!

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