Disaster Decks Season Finale HGTV Canada

Season Finale of Disaster Decks aired this week on HGTV Canada, and we have new gallery photos to share with you! What a ride: We met some quirky homeowners, built some fantastic backyard retreats, and left some newly-minted handymen ready to take care of their decks for years to come.

First up, when Jessica and Jeff moved into their beautiful new home, the only problem was the old unsafe deck that they inherited. A rebuild was required to keep their growing toddler safe, so Paul stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Next, Bryan and Sarah tried to remove their above-ground pool to refresh their yard, but the job was bigger than they thought and was left half-finished. After getting a helping hand, they’re the proud owners of the perfect deck to celebrate their wedding on!

And when Lida and Asad made their cry for help, Paul & the team arrived on the scene to find a decrepit deck that looked older than the century-old schoolhouse it was attached to! Now, the family of five will enjoy their outdoor oasis for years to come.

Finally, retirees Paul and Anne built their original deck thirty years ago, and weren’t up to the task of tearing it down to start fresh. Take a look at the beautiful outdoor oasis they can now look forward to spending their retirement on!

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Disaster Decks New Photo Gallery From Last Night’s Episode of Disaster Decks

It’s that time again! We’ve got a brand new photo gallery to share, featuring the projects from last night’s episodes of “Disaster Decks”!

First up, nautical enthusiasts Brent and Barb’s rickety old deck was unsafe and falling apart, with their boats being used to cover up the damage! They called in Paul and the crew, who fixed them up with a new deck that shows their passion for sailing and showcases their gorgeous lake view.

Next, Paul and the team helped Sean and Samantha with their boring, haphazardly built box deck. Poorly anchored and improperly supported, it spelled a recipe for disaster with their young family. Now, they have a deck that they can raise their kids on with peace of mind.

  • Barb and Brent’s Deck
  • Samantha and Sean’s Deck

Disaster Decks New Deck Builds Tuesdays at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada

New Deck Builds on Disaster Decks – We’ve got two more photo sets from last night’s new episodes of “Disaster Decks”, which air on Tuesdays at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada.

Starting at nine, we met Kathleen & Sam, a couple who have special safety concerns for their young son, and a dangerous old deck. Sam has to admit that he’s in over his head with tackling this fix, so Paul & the crew are on the scene!

Then at nine thirty, Carrie & Clint called in help for their ancient and disintegrating eyesore of a deck. Paul is on the scene to put the old deck out of its misery, and guide Clint in creating a new haven for the family to enjoy!

  • Kathleen and Sam’s Deck
  • Carrie and Clints Deck

Disaster Decks Gallery Update Tuesdays at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada

Disaster Decks Gallery Update – We’ve added two brand new projects to our gallery, from last night’s episodes of “Disaster Decks”, which airs on Tuesdays at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada!

Mary and Lain love their secluded rural home, surrounded by greenspace and privacy. But the deck that came with it was tiny and poorly placed: Right over the access to their septic tank! Yikes! Fortunately, now they have a deck they’ll be proud to share with friends & family.

In the next episode, Melissa and Kevin sought help from Paul & the team with their unwanted furry neighbours and unsafe deck that posed a hazard for their young family. The result? No more raccoons, and a beautiful safe outdoor space to raise their kids with.

Check out the images here

Disaster Decks New Project Photos Tuesday nights at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada

New Project Photos on Disaster Decks – Did you enjoy yesterday’s double feature of all-new “Disaster Decks“? Airing Tuesday nights at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada, we’re delighted to be unveiling decking projects once again!

We started off with Karen and Justin, whose sprawling, rotting deck was both an eyesore and a hazard for their growing family. Paul and the crew were there to give them a helping hand…and teach dentist Justin a thing or two about a different kind of drill!

Next, Lori and Tim’s deck was being eaten by an overgrown privacy shrub, and falling apart at its ant-infested seams. Zip ties and duct tape repairs? Say it ain’t so!

Check out our gallery updates and tune in again next Tuesday at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada. Plus, watch for watch for @PaulLafranceDES on Twitter, and hashtag #DisasterDecks!

  • Karen and Justin’s Deck
  • Lori and Tim’s Deck

Disaster Decks – Spring Finally Sprung! Season 3 Premiered Last Night at 9pm e/p

Season 3 Premier – Spring Finally Sprung on Disaster Decks, oh boy! Disaster Decks is back on HGTV Canada with an all-new season, which means spring is here at last! Season 3 premiered last night at 9pm e/p with two all-new episodes, followed by the finale of Custom Built at 10pm.

First up, David and M.C. had a rotting, incomplete deck/outdoor man cave. With no deck on the second floor of the home, the couple was forced to block the door with furniture to keep anyone from falling out! Fortunately, Paul & the crew came to the rescue.

Next, Alain and Denise were in serious need of a rebuild for their disintegrating deck. Rather than waiting around for a guest to fall through, they called in Paul Lafrance. Now, they have a classy private retreat they’ll enjoy for years to come!

Moving indoors, Paul & the crew tackled a unique challenge; bringing together and harmonizing the passions of a zen-loving yoga enthusiast, and a hunter who loves serving up fresh game! Result? The Hunter Yoga Kitchen!

Finally, Custom Built wraps up the season with The Swivel Television Room, in which Paul livens up a tired and disorganized living room with a show-stopping new centerpiece! A swiveling jumbo TV mount that can be viewed from either the kitchen or the living room, above a beautiful eco-friendly two way fireplace.

Next Tuesday, join us on Twitter starting at 9pm e/p, and watch for @PaulLafranceDES and hashtag #DisasterDecks!

  • The Hunter Yoga Kitchen
  • The Swivel Television Room
  • Music Stand
  • Community Table
  • David and MC’s Deck
  • Denise and Alain’s Deck

Disaster Decks Season Two The Deck Tanya Hates & The Stainless Mesh Deck

Disaster Decks Season Two – The Deck Tanya Hates & The Stainless Mesh Deck

Our Tuesday night deck domination on HGTV Canada is still going strong! New on “Disaster Decks”, Paul saved Matt, Tanya and their new baby girl from a deck disaster waiting to happen on “The Deck Tanya Hates”. Next up, he visited the home of professional movie prop builders Scott and Brenda to rescue “The Deck Brenda Hates”.

Next on “Decked Out” was a re-airing of this season’s projects “The Fire Table Deck” and “The Waterfall Deck”. Check out our gallery for more photos of these cool projects!

We’ve added gallery photos of the projects featured in these new episodes, with more to come as the episodes air. Want to see what’s coming up next? Check out HGTV.ca’s handy online schedule.

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  • Tanya and Matt’s Deck
  • Brenda and Scott’s Deck

New Trend Corporation Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

New Trend Corporation – Brands We Trust

A little metal can go a long way in bringing a sense of classic refinement into your space. From cut metal privacy screens, to decorative iron inserts, to balusters for deck railings, Paul keeps coming back to New Trend Corporation’s diverse selections.

Another Canadian company, New Trend Corporation’s specialty is fencing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do great things for your deck. Thanks to the well-designed versatility of their products, the sky’s the limit when Paul starts dreaming up new ways to use them! Whenever Paul wants to spice up a privacy barrier with a cool metal insert, this is the company that we turn to first. Their laser-cut metal screens are powder-coated and resistant to rust, and have a ten year guarantee. They’ll even do custom work if we need an extra-unique touch! Nice.

Glass railings & balusters are a slick and ultra-modern choice for your deck railings, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with a more classic look. New Trend Corporation creates metal balusters as well, in a variety of shapes & styles, from classic to contemporary. They’ve supplied us with everything from traditional wrought iron single balusters (for the ultimate in custom installation) to quick-to-install panels created to incorporate into both deck and stair railings. You never want to ruin a gorgeous deck with an eyesore of a railing. It needs to complement and heighten the beauty of your family’s home oasis, and remain strong for years to come, making New Trend Corporation a great choice.

With products appearing on a number of episodes of HGTV’s “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks“, & with more to come, New Trend Corporation is here to stay on our list of top suppliers.

Tune in next week for the latest on a fantastic new fire feature that’s cozy…and delicious. We’ll tell you why on our next “We <3 It!” Wednesday.

DECKSTRAVAGANZA This Week on Disaster Decks & Decked Out…

Tuesday’s DECKSTRAVAGANZA included some of Paul’s most favourite episodes of “Disaster Decks” and “Decked Out“!

The two hour HGTV takeover started with “Disaster Deck” rescues “The Deck Lisa Hates” and “The Deck Shirley Hates“, followed by stunningly unique projects on “Decked Out” with “The Moat Deck” and “The Awning Deck“.

We’ve added photos of each of these projects to our galleries, with more to come as the episodes air. Want to see what’s coming up next? Check out HGTV.ca’s handy online schedule.

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  • Lisa and Jeremy’s Deck
  • Shirley and Paul’s Deck
  • The Moat Deck
  • The Awning Deck

New Disaster Decks & Decked Out Galleries Last Night’s New “Disaster Decks” and “Decked Out” Episodes Were killer!

New Disaster Decks Decked Out Galleries

Wow! Last night’s new “Disaster Decks” and “Decked Out” episodes were killer!

Paul’s two-hour HGTV deck domination started with “Disaster Deck” rescues “The Deck Pam Hates” and “The Deck Fatima Hates“, followed by fire-and-water extravaganzas on “Decked Out” with “The BBQ Deck” and “The Stone Deck“.

We’ve added photos of each of these projects to our galleries, with more to come as the episodes air. Want to see what’s coming up next? Check out HGTV.ca’s handy online schedule.

And don’t forget to visit our Twitter every Tuesday for behind-the-scenes insight into the cool products used on the show!

  • Pam and Dons Deck
  • Fatima and Davids Deck
  • The BBQ Deck
  • The Stone Deck
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