DECKSTRAVAGANZA This Week on Disaster Decks & Decked Out…

Tuesday’s DECKSTRAVAGANZA included some of Paul’s most favourite episodes of “Disaster Decks” and “Decked Out“!

The two hour HGTV takeover started with “Disaster Deck” rescues “The Deck Lisa Hates” and “The Deck Shirley Hates“, followed by stunningly unique projects on “Decked Out” with “The Moat Deck” and “The Awning Deck“.

We’ve added photos of each of these projects to our galleries, with more to come as the episodes air. Want to see what’s coming up next? Check out’s handy online schedule.

And don’t forget to visit our Twitter every Tuesday for behind-the-scenes insight into the cool products used on the show!

  • Lisa and Jeremy’s Deck
  • Shirley and Paul’s Deck
  • The Moat Deck
  • The Awning Deck
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