Disaster Decks Gallery Update Tuesdays at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada

Disaster Decks Gallery Update – We’ve added two brand new projects to our gallery, from last night’s episodes of “Disaster Decks”, which airs on Tuesdays at 9pm e/p on HGTV Canada!

Mary and Lain love their secluded rural home, surrounded by greenspace and privacy. But the deck that came with it was tiny and poorly placed: Right over the access to their septic tank! Yikes! Fortunately, now they have a deck they’ll be proud to share with friends & family.

In the next episode, Melissa and Kevin sought help from Paul & the team with their unwanted furry neighbours and unsafe deck that posed a hazard for their young family. The result? No more raccoons, and a beautiful safe outdoor space to raise their kids with.

Check out the images here

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