Disaster Decks New Photo Gallery From Last Night’s Episode of Disaster Decks

It’s that time again! We’ve got a brand new photo gallery to share, featuring the projects from last night’s episodes of “Disaster Decks”!

First up, nautical enthusiasts Brent and Barb’s rickety old deck was unsafe and falling apart, with their boats being used to cover up the damage! They called in Paul and the crew, who fixed them up with a new deck that shows their passion for sailing and showcases their gorgeous lake view.

Next, Paul and the team helped Sean and Samantha with their boring, haphazardly built box deck. Poorly anchored and improperly supported, it spelled a recipe for disaster with their young family. Now, they have a deck that they can raise their kids on with peace of mind.

  • Barb and Brent’s Deck
  • Samantha and Sean’s Deck
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