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Phantom Screens – Brands We Trust

You want protection from sun and bugs when it’s needed, but when it’s not, you’re stuck staring at unnecessary screens that impede your view and hem you in. Not anymore. Welcome to the future! Phantom Screens is an amazing product that adds a subtle flair of space-age class while still being totally practical.

We like to use Phantom Screens on projects where the client wants the best of both worlds when it comes to the beauty of an unobstructed view & the protection that screens provide. And of course, there’s the style! You just can’t beat the coolness factor of a screen that retracts away right before your eyes. The variety of options available to customize your screens just sweeten the deal. They can be controlled with wall-mounted switches, hand-held remotes, or even environmental sensors to automatically save you from the sun or retract your screens to protect them from windy storms. We love that with a variety of mesh types to choose from, each optimized for different needs of privacy, bug, or UV protection, we can find the perfect solution for any client. A variety of colour options is the icing on the custom-crafted cake.

Retractable screens are not just perfect for the three-season room you’ve been dreaming of; Phantom Screens has solutions for doors and windows, too.

As always, Paul has high expectations when it comes to the quality of the products he relies on, and Phantom delivers in spades. Every installation is done to perfection, and the client is left with a smile on their face! This is a premium product that is worth the investment in your home, and while Phantom Screens has grown into a multi-national company, they haven’t forgotten their Canadian roots. Paul Lafrance Design is proud to work with this fantastic company & their innovative products!

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