Decked Out

Paul Lafrance takes his deck building to a whole new “level” in his “ground-breaking” series Decked Out

Airing on HGTV since 2012, Decked Out is an outdoor construction reality TV show that follows the journey of Paul Lafrance and his crew as they take on innovative deck and backyard makeover projects. 

Owing to Paul’s exceptional creativity, the complex nature of the projects are often quite challenging. One can assume this potentially leading to tense and stressful situations. However, Paul insists that no one takes themselves too seriously and that everyone has fun (as a bunch of “goofballs!”).

Paul’s energy, edginess, humour and charisma are on full display, making Decked Out a must-watch for any backyard and deck design lover. 

Check out Paul and his crew on location in action! 

Did you know that Paul has recently launched a new TV series called Backyard Revolution? You can check it out here.

Paul Lafrance is an expert custom designer and builder of decks, patios, pergolas, custom furniture and interior spaces in Toronto and surrounding area. There’s a handy form on the website to help you easily submit your photos. Tell us your backyard story or request a quote today!

Top Deck Trends

Yes, we’re still in 2020. It’s been a bit of a rough year to say the least. Did you know you are still allowed to be trendy? It’s tough to go places these days so why not revolutionize your backyard experience and make it THE place to go? 

We’re going to give you the inside scoop on 2020’s top deck trends which will transform your backyard into your very own dream vacation.  

Want something to last a lifetime? Try stone. It’s classic, permanent, and it’s timeless. Pairs perfectly with a hot tub and a BBQ. 

In order to have the dream vacation experience, we’ll all need some time to chill, right? That means we’ll be spending those relaxing evening hours under the lights. Having a unique lighting fixture is the secret ingredient to getting the most out of your premium deck. 

Nothing beats a view! Multi-level decks are all the rage these days. Put that extra space to good use! Besides, we think a spiral staircase adds a nice finishing touch! 

Catching the big game? Take things outside and transform your viewing experience with a TV deck. And you’re still getting some fresh air.

The whole point of a backyard vacation is to just relax and take yourself out of this world, if only for a moment. With decks like these, you can find your Zen fairly quickly. The way we see it, the more modern your deck looks, the trendier it will be. 

Check out Paul’s dream backyard decks here

Paul Lafrance is an expert custom designer and builder of decks, patios, pergolas, custom furniture and interior spaces in Toronto and surrounding area. There’s a handy form on the website to help you easily submit your photos and tell us about your outdoor dining project. Tell us your backyard story or request a quote today! 

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The Hollow Timber Company Brands We Trust

Paul Lafrance Design is primarily known for their one-of-a-kind backyard projects and deck designs as seen on Paul’s hit TV shows Decked Out, Disaster Decks or Custom Built. However, Paul Lafrance Design has also gone indoors. For years Paul has talked about the importance of bringing the inside out when it comes to designing a backyard oasis’ or a customized deck, but when it comes to interior design they are just as passionate about bring the outdoors in!

Here’s another outstanding company Paul Lafrance Design trusts to provide truly unique workmanship that does just that.

About The Hollow Timber Co.

These amazing artisans are based out of the greater Toronto area. They provide a cost-conscious solution for achieving the unmistakable warmth and ambiance of real timber beams.

Why Paul Lafrance Design Chooses The Hollow Timber Co.

Paul Lafrance Design chooses The Hollow Timber Co. because they use only real wood in their hollow timber systems, the beams are pre-finished and ready to install within existing structures to reproduce the look and feel of authentic timber framing and lastly the construction is light-weight and does not require structural alterations.

The Product

With the hollow box design Paul Lafrance Design can design any post and beam configuration, but the cool part is the hollow center that allows things like your cables a nice place to hide as well as opening new possibilities for lighting and electrical.

Stain and Texture Options

The Hollow Timber Co. offers 4 texture and stain options all of which bring the authentic and timeless appeal Paul Lafrance Design strives to achieve when incorporating things like barn beam fireplace mantels or majestic archways to a project:

Tavern Brown


Settlers Grey


Check them out here:

So whether Paul Lafrance Design is looking to design a rustic or heritage approach to a modern living space or remodel a current space to add strength and monumental character, the customizable and stunning structural design of the Hollow Timber system delivers just what the team at Paul Lafrance Design aspires for.

Check out their extraordinary craftsmanship here:

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