Decked Out

Paul Lafrance takes his deck building to a whole new “level” in his “ground-breaking” series Decked Out

Airing on HGTV since 2012, Decked Out is an outdoor construction reality TV show that follows the journey of Paul Lafrance and his crew as they take on innovative deck and backyard makeover projects. 

Owing to Paul’s exceptional creativity, the complex nature of the projects are often quite challenging. One can assume this potentially leading to tense and stressful situations. However, Paul insists that no one takes themselves too seriously and that everyone has fun (as a bunch of “goofballs!”).

Paul’s energy, edginess, humour and charisma are on full display, making Decked Out a must-watch for any backyard and deck design lover. 

Check out Paul and his crew on location in action! 

Did you know that Paul has recently launched a new TV series called Backyard Revolution? You can check it out here.

Paul Lafrance is an expert custom designer and builder of decks, patios, pergolas, custom furniture and interior spaces in Toronto and surrounding area. There’s a handy form on the website to help you easily submit your photos. Tell us your backyard story or request a quote today!

Stunning Hot Tub Deck Ideas

The backyard can be a perfect place to escape and relax during the summer. It can be an oasis to enjoy in the mornings or evenings after a long day of work. In order to achieve this at-home retreat, you can incorporate relaxing hot tubs into your backyard.

Hot tubs can be fabulous additions to your home, but it’s worth mentioning that optimizing your space is the key for maximum accessibility, usability and the best views. Depending on its size and capacity, some amazing deck designs can be built around a hot tub. When planning to incorporate it, consider how the structure, design, and accessibility will enhance the aesthetics and utility of your hot tub and deck. Besides that, hot tub deck integrations require knowledge about load weight, deck construction, landscaping, among others.

Fortunately, you can have the perfect spa in your home with the help of Paul Lafrance and his team. They can create an oasis that meets your dreams and needs! Check out some stunning hot tub deck projects made by Paul Lafrance Design & The Deck Store Team below:

The Heavy Metal Deck from “Decked Out”:

Heavy Metal Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Heavy Metal Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

The Hot Tub Deck from “Decked Out”:

Hot Tub Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Hot Tub Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Roundabout Deck from “Decked Out”:

Roudabout Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Roudabout Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Round Square Deck from “Decked Out”:

Round Square Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Round Square Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Stone Deck from “Decked Out”:

Stone Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Stone Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Are you ready to start your backyard oasis? So we are! We’ve got a handy form on our website to help you easily submit your photos and tell us about your fabulous backyard project.

Get your Hot Tub Deck ready for the Summer 2020 with Paul Lafrance and his team! Tell us about your project by visiting our backyards page and submitting the info.

Permacon Brands We Trust

Permacon – The Harmony of Space

Paul Lafrance Designs is always searching for alluring and innovative ideas to incorporate when planning deck renos, custom deck designs or in the construction of entire backyards to create the best outdoor oasis’ for clients; a place to kick their feet up and feel completely at ease. What better way than to integrate beautiful and timeless brick and stone throughout these designs. With Permacon, it’s never been easier; the possibilities are truly endless.

About Permacon

For over sixty years Permacon has been a pioneer, innovator and champion of growth as Canada’s largest producer of concrete products. They are known for being the leading manufacturer of precast concrete products and for their top quality product line which makes Permacon an easy choice for Paul Lafrance designs.

Offering an evolving line of over 1000 masonry and landscaping products, Permacon helps diversify and adorn the outdoors.

Top Quality Products

All Permacon products are made from natural materials such as sand and stone. The team at Paul Lafrance Designs loves to combine and harmonize within designs using the many Permacon landscape products including slabs, pavers, walls, steps, capping modules, curbs, porcelain tiles, brick and stone. These are top quality products and backed by a full 50-year warranty.

The promise of perfect harmony is the freedom to choose the colours, formats, shapes and textures between every element of your project and its surroundings.

For inspiration and to see the countless products by Permacon check out: or

How does Paul Lafrance Designs use Permacon Products:

There are countless ways Paul Lafrance Designs enjoys utilizing Permacon products to bring personality and style to any deck or backyard design; whether within large design elements such as patios, pool decking, pathways, or in the smaller features that really pull off the unique and creative factor. Think like stone water fixtures throughout the backyard/deck or encompassing fire elements in outlandish areas. Permacon products are must-haves when Paul and his team are designing and building a one of a kind outdoor space.

Visit our Gallery page for some visuals on how Paul Lafrance Designs has incorporated Permacon products in the design and building of custom decks, renos and backyards!

Message from Paul Lafrance Spring 2016

Message from Paul Lafrance;

Dear ‘fan’mily!

I’m so relieved Spring is finally HERE! As much as I love Christmas time, fireplaces, and the look of the winter sun shining off of trees and fields covered in ice, I’m happy to let it go in favour of warmer weather and being able to run outside without first donning my parka. I wear flip flops in the winter out of sheer rebellion!

At Paul Lafrance Design, we’ve been busily expanding, forging new relationships, and creating crazy projects that I can’t wait for you all to see! We’ve partnered with some truly remarkable companies that are on the cutting edge of the design industry, creating everything from state of the art glass railings, to corkscrew metal footings that replace traditional concrete ones, to incredible wall and ceiling treatments that make my job all that much more fun!

We’ve also formed an alliance with an amazing deck company called, fittingly, The Deck Store. The Deck Store, owned by Terry Fangrad, has got six design centres in Ontario (so far), and offers both stellar workmanship and customer service. We are now working with them, hand-in-hand, to install Paul Lafrance Designs all across the province.

With warm weather upon us (did I mention how happy that makes me?) we are getting booked up quickly with new designs for folks all across the country and in the United States. If you’ve ever watched any of my shows (Decked Out, Disaster Decks, Custom Built, etc.) you’ll know that we come up with some pretty spectacular stuff (if I do say so myself!). What you might not have known is that we design custom outdoor living spaces and interior renovations for people internationally. If you’ve ever wondered what we could come up with for your backyard or any room in your house, give us a shout. We’d love to dream up something extraordinary with you.

Your trusted messenger,
Paul Lafrance.

Great Canadian Cookbook Fall 2015 Macaroni and Cheese with Paul Lafrance

Great Canadian Cookbook Fall 2015

Our fearless leader Paul Lafrance has added a new title to his resumé: Chef!

Check out his appearance on Food Network Canada’s Great Canadian Cookbook with Chef Lynn as they recreate a truly classic Canadian dish.
They’ll kick up macaroni and cheese with some delicious Canadian-made artisanal cheeses…yum!

Food Network Canada – Great Canadian Cookbook, Macaroni and Cheese with Paul Lafrance – October 6th, 2015

Decked Out Season Four The Privacy Deck & The Stainless Mesh Deck

Decked Out Season Four – The Privacy Deck & The Stainless Mesh Deck

We’d like to invite you to come on by our gallery for a closer look at the final two projects of season 4 of “Decked Out“! On these projects, Paul put some cool new materials to the test to create stunningly unique outdoor spaces.

“The Privacy Deck” features arched polycarbonate coverings that provide shade and shelter but let in lots and lots of light for a bright and welcoming oasis. Plus, cool motorized bug screening on the lower level lets the homeowners choose their level of exposure at the touch of a button!

And living up to its name, “The Stainless Mesh Deck” features lots of gorgeous custom woven steel mesh! Privacy screens, pergolas, and even furniture. How comfortable can steel be? As it turns out: Pretty darn comfortable!

Miss an episode and want to get caught up on “Decked Out“? Or just have a favourite project you’d like to see again? Visit to stream episodes on demand. Enjoy!

  • The Privacy Deck
  • The Stainless Mesh Deck

New Decked Out and Disaster Decks Airing Soon The New Episodes Will be Airing Back-to-Back

New Decked Out and Disaster Decks Airing Soon

It’s the news you’ve been waiting to hear! We’re pleased to announce that Paul’s shows “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks” will be back on HGTV with all new episodes starting on April 8th at 9:00pm ET/PT! The new seasons will feature all the hijinks, deck rescues, pranks, happy homeowners & stunning designs that you’ve come to love.

The new episodes will be airing back-to-back, so be sure to set aside your Tuesday evenings to enjoy the awesome double feature.

Every week, we’ll be blogging about the new episodes & sharing cool photos to give you a closer look at the project featured in the most recent episode. We can’t wait!

Be-On Stone Architectural Panels Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Be-On Stone – Brands We Trust

Stacked stone walls have a timeless, rich look that can take a project from ‘nice’ to ‘spectacular’. The problem: Traditional styles are heavy, time-consuming to install, and between the cost of the materials and the time of the skilled mason required to do it right, you could be too busy paying off the second mortgage on your house to enjoy your home’s new look. That’s why Paul Lafrance Design is always on the lookout for ways to do it better, and what a find Be-on stone is!

Be-on stone architectural panels are a revolution in stone siding. Made of lightweight stamped concrete, they are cost-effective and time-saving, without sacrificing the uniqueness and beauty of real stone. Because the colours are mixed right into the concrete during manufacturing, the colour will not fade or become damaged over time, even if the panel is chipped. Speaking of manufacturing, Be-on stone panels are a proudly Canadian product.

And did we mention time-saving? With traditional stone siding, you need to parge and mess around with mortar to get the job done lickety-split. Just like a sided wall, Be-on stone panels are installed using a starter strip. The panels just click into place along the strip, and fix securely in place with a couple of screws. The tops of the panels create the strip that the next row will click into, and the Z-shaped sides interlock seamlessly, even around corners. What would have taken days now requires only hours, and the cleanup is minimal too. “Instant stone wall, and no headaches,” Paul enthuses.

We’ve incorporated Be-on stone panels into luxury decks on “Decked Out” and can’t wait for more opportunities to explore their uses indoors on Paul’s new upcoming show “Custom Built“.

Got a cool product that would be a good fit with Paul Lafrance Design? We’re always on the lookout for fresh new ideas, so we’d love for you to tell us about it!

Techno Metal Post Paul Lafrance Design Team - Brands We Trust

Techno Metal Post – Brands We Trust

When he’s creating a backyard transformation, Paul Lafrance wants to be sure that the foundation supporting his client’s deck is rock solid. A great deck depends on its posts for stability and support to last a lifetime, and Techno Metal Post‘s helical pile system offers that in spades. “Your deck is only as strong as the foundation beneath it,” Paul emphasizes.

Here’s how it works. The Techno Metal Post helical pile is constructed with a hollow steel tube and a thick helix made of high quality steel. Using hydraulic machinery, a certified technician will screw the post into the ground without the need to damage your yard, mix concrete, or redistribute dirt.

In the fast-paced and competitive decking industry, the ability to set footings and start framing in the same day can be a lifesaver! “This new footing system saves an absolute ton of time,” says Paul. “All you’re doing is drilling this spiral metal post into the ground seven feet, and it’s ready to fly. You can be framing the same day.”

Even better, Techno Metal Post‘s helical piles are proudly manufactured in Canada using North American steel. We love to support Canadian business and, combined with their friendly and attentive service, this is just the icing on the cake. Used in “Disaster Decks” and “Decked Out“, the Techno Metal Post foundation solution is one that Paul Lafrance Design stands behind.

Paul Lafrance and Techno Metal Post

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