Stunning Hot Tub Deck Ideas

The backyard can be a perfect place to escape and relax during the summer. It can be an oasis to enjoy in the mornings or evenings after a long day of work. In order to achieve this at-home retreat, you can incorporate relaxing hot tubs into your backyard.

Hot tubs can be fabulous additions to your home, but it’s worth mentioning that optimizing your space is the key for maximum accessibility, usability and the best views. Depending on its size and capacity, some amazing deck designs can be built around a hot tub. When planning to incorporate it, consider how the structure, design, and accessibility will enhance the aesthetics and utility of your hot tub and deck. Besides that, hot tub deck integrations require knowledge about load weight, deck construction, landscaping, among others.

Fortunately, you can have the perfect spa in your home with the help of Paul Lafrance and his team. They can create an oasis that meets your dreams and needs! Check out some stunning hot tub deck projects made by Paul Lafrance Design & The Deck Store Team below:

The Heavy Metal Deck from “Decked Out”:

Heavy Metal Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Heavy Metal Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

The Hot Tub Deck from “Decked Out”:

Hot Tub Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Hot Tub Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Roundabout Deck from “Decked Out”:

Roudabout Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Roudabout Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Round Square Deck from “Decked Out”:

Round Square Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Round Square Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Stone Deck from “Decked Out”:

Stone Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance
Stone Deck - Hot Tub Deck Ideas - Paul Lafrance

Are you ready to start your backyard oasis? So we are! We’ve got a handy form on our website to help you easily submit your photos and tell us about your fabulous backyard project.

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Outdoor Living Space Ideas for the Summer 2020

We know that outdoor living and entertaining are important in modern life. A lot of people enjoy wildlife and to be surrounded by fresh air. For this reason, it’s a great idea to transform a bare backyard or sun-baked rooftop into a retreat where you and your guests will feel comfortable spending time and enjoying the nature. Transforming any space into a backyard oasis requires you to start designing it now, before the summer hits for you to enjoy!

If you are looking for outdoor living space ideas for the Summer 2020, here are some awesome design inspirations from works made by Paul Lafrance and his team that will spark your interest:

Outdoor televisions

How about sitting outside on a summer evening and feeling the breeze while you enjoy something on television? The Outdoor televisions provide a great way to relax while watching your favorite TV shows, movies or games. Adding a weather-proof outdoor TV lets you bring the feel of your indoor living room to your outdoor space! Check out the TV Deck from the “Decked Out”:

TV Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
TV Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
TV Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Outdoor fireplaces

The fireplace adds even more beauty and emotion to the space, and it is perfect for those summer nights outdoors. Check out the Fire Table Deck from “Decked out”:

Outdoor Fireplace - Fire Table Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
Outdoor Fireplace - Fire Table Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
Outdoor Fireplace - Fire Table Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas


It’s possible to incorporate stone into a modern outdoor living space! Let’s be honest: everyone likes the permanence of stone. Besides, it has an appeal which makes anything feel like it’s going to last for decades. It adds a good contrast to the composite which comprises most of the deck area. Check out the Stone Deck from “Decked Out”:

Stone Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
Stone Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
Stone Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Hot tub

The outdoor hot tub can be used by family and friends all year, which provides incredible utility for your investment. Check out the Hot Tub Deck from “Decked Out”:

Hot Tub Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
Hot Tub Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas
Hot Tub Deck by Paul Lafrance - Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Are you ready to start your outdoor living space? So we are! We’ve got a handy form on our website to help you easily submit your photos and tell us about your backyard project.

Get your Outdoor Living Space ready for the Summer 2020 with Paul Lafrance and his team! Tell us about your project by visiting our backyards page.

Redding Designs

Paul Lafrance is proud to have a partnership with Redding Designs, a creative bunch of guys that are passionate about design and functionality for websites since 2001. They believe that a great website is the heart of any company and that’s where they come in!

From start to finish your website will be developed by amazing graphic designers and programmers, ensuring that it will be awesome. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have… Everything is possible with the expertise from these guys!

Redding Designs does not just create awesome websites, it creates beard approved websites. What does that mean you ask? It is an elite group of businesses who can count themselves lucky enough to have the beard seal of approval on their website – and Paul Lafrance is one of the lucky ones.

It means having a modern design, being mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and it must have cool, in your face, pictures and graphics. If you are not in possession of a website with the beard seal of approval give them a shout and together, using their formidable powers of design, they will correct this problem for you!

And Redding Designs is more than just a web development company, it’s a multi-media company! Check out the complete list of services that will help your business to stand out online:

Web development

E-commerce solutions

Custom wordpress design

Content management system (CMS)

Logo design branding

Print media

Business cards & Letterheads

Flyers & Brochures

Catalogues & Menus


Website marketing

Google Ads

Facebook Ads


Content writing

Social Media Management

Internet services

Domain search & registration

Website hosting

Email hosting

Shared & VPS Servers

See for yourself the amazing work made by the Redding Designs team! Visit the website and learn more about the web development and digital marketing solutions for your business!

Techno Metal Post

Since Paul Lafrance and his team love to revitalize outdoor living spaces and transform back yards into safe havens that will be a relaxing retreat for their owners, a smart and affordable solution is necessary for foundation projects. Therefore, Paul Lafrance is proud to be creating a partnership with an exceptional Canadian company: Techno Metal Post.

About the company

Worldwide leader in helical pile foundations, Techno Metal Post installs helical foundation piles for residential, commercial, and industrial applications using a proprietary hydraulic machine. There is no excavation required, no impact to the landscaping, and no footing inspections.

The Techno Metal Post system is cost effective for any contractor to utilize in their projects from decks to additions, sunrooms, foundation underpinning, solar panel support. Over the years, Techno Metal Post has developed a network of quality dealers offering Techno Metal Post deep foundation system, a reliable technique recognized around the world by thousands of clients, construction professionals such as Paul Lafrance, and competent authorities.


Residential foundations



Mobile homes





Clothes line posts


Solar panels

Foundations for tourism-related structures




Belvederes/town squares



Foundation repairs



House raising

Protective foundations




Retaining walls

Supports for industrial equipment

Marine foundations



Boat elevators

Coastal building sites

Why does Paul Lafrance Design love to incorporate Techno Metal Post in projects?

When it comes to any type of foundation or ground support and you try Techno Metal Post once, you’ll never think about doing it any other way! And that’s not all that puts Techno Metal Post in a class all its own. Each and every installation comes with an engineering certification that guarantees each footing is installed correctly and to the depth required to bear its load.

Learn more about the best screw pile foundation service by visiting Techno Metal Post website.

Designer Stone Panels

Paul Lafrance Design with DesignerStone®Panels

Paul Lafrance and his team are always looking for the best ways of bringing backyard renovation design ideas to an impressive show-stopping level. Designer Stone®Panels has been a fantastic partner that helps to make their customers’ backyard an outdoor oasis by incorporating strong and gorgeous stone products.

About DesignerStone®Panels

Based in Toronto (Ontario), DesignerStone®Panels is a family run and operated business that strives to impact the building and manufacture industry with leading innovative stone products, allowing new design ideas to come to life with the possibility of thin, large, real stone panels.

Understand the process

The products are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone (granite, travertine, onyx and marble) adhered to an unique backing which is then engineered using the most modern patented technology to create an extremely strong stone faced structure.

The panels are made by cutting natural stone blocks as thin as 5mm. Depending on the type of stone and the use, the backings can be aluminum polymer composite, fiberglass, honeycomb and PVB. The result is a natural stone panel that is stronger and much lighter than traditional large slabs of the same stone.

DesignerStone®Panels Features

– Lightweight: 1/3 to 1/6 weight of slab

– 10 x stronger than full slab

– 100% waterproof/100% natural stone

– Quick and easy to install

– Groutless

– Bookmatched panels

– No CNC machine/or bridge saw required

– Certified installs

– Can be installed over existing tiles

– 25 year warranty

– Opaque and translucent options

– Eco Friendly: less raw product, less water, less emissions, and less freight

– Endless applications: showers, bath surrounds, feature walls, elevators, furniture, bars, wine rooms and so on!

Why does Paul Lafrance love to incorporate DesignerStone®Panels in projects?

Thanks to its modern technology, the products from DesignerStone®Panels are gorgeous, innovative and easy to install. The thin cut and sturdy backing create a lightweight yet strong panel that can be cut without specialty heavy tools.

See for yourself the beauty from DesignerStone®Panels. Visit the gallery on the website!

Cabinet Effects

Paul Lafrance Design with Cabinet Effects®

Since Paul Lafrance and his team are always searching for the best style and functionality to exceed customer’s expectations in backyard renovations, the custom cabinetry & furniture company Cabinet Effects is an easy choice for their projects.

About the company

Using the finest materials, a keen eye for design and a set of carefully selected tools, Cabinet Effects is a company that since 2009 strives to create stunning, custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, living rooms and bedrooms that fit perfectly with your family’s needs.

The Cabinet Effects Process

The Cabinet Effects team has a process that is designed to ensure that every customer receives the perfect cabinetry solution for its home without any surprises. Here’s what you can expect from the professional cabinet makers:

– Project Review

– Design Assessment & Measurements

– 3D Design Rendering

– The contract

– Showroom Design Consultation

– Schedule Production

– Installation

Why does Paul Lafrance Design love to incorporate Cabinet Effects® in backyard renovations?

Paul Lafrance knows that no cabinetry design is too custom for Cabinet Effects. This incredible team of experienced cabinet makers will design and manufacture a completely new concept for any space. The success of every project they made can be attributed to their passion, attention to detail and creativity when it comes to delivering a perfect home solution on time based on your needs and budget. Besides that, all of their work is backed by their written 10 year warranty. All these features make Cabinet Effects a great partnership that Paul Lafrance loves working with. They always exceed customer’s expectations in design, function and quality across Waterloo Region and throughout Ontario.

Are you ready to start your next cabinet project? Take a look at the full gallery of kitchens on the Cabinet Effects website and get inspired!

Accura Glass

Paul Lafrance Design with Accura Glass®

Paul Lafrance and his team know that the glass in their projects turns out exactly how they have imagined it to be thanks to the amazing partnership with Accura Glass®. The combination of irreplaceable skills of dedicated glass artisans with the most advanced design and production technologies available delivers exactly what Paul Lafrance needs to make a breathtaking backyard or deck design.

About the company

Accura Glass® was founded in 2000 and is managed by the two founding partners, Brian Medinski and Grigorii Khizguiiaev. With over 40 years of glass fabrication experience behind them, Brian and Grigorii recognized a growing demand for specialty architectural glass products and developed proprietary new tools and technologies to produce cost-effective custom manufactured bent glass and laminated glass.

Working from a 35,000 square foot facility in the Greater Toronto Area, Accura Glass® has a full complement of state-of-the-industry equipment and employs 30 people full time and more on a part-time (as-needed) basis. Between its features projects there are Paul Lafrance, Marriott Houston and Argyle Street.

Top Quality Services:

Glass Bending

HD Digital Printing

Glass Laminating

U.V. Bonding

Back Painted Glass

CNC Capabilities

Digital Sandblasting

Why does Paul Lafrance Design love to incorporate Accura Glass® in projects?

Paul LaFrance knows that small details make the difference in a successful project. Every piece of glass incorporated into his projects is an essential element for a gorgeous and harmonious backyard or deck decoration. Accura Glass® is an innovative glass fabricator with an enviable reputation for producing quality glass products to customer’s specifications on-time and on-budget. These features make Paul and his team to continue to reach for Accura Glass® when they need superb quality, precision and reliability.

Learn more about the custom architectural glass for residential, retail and corporate environments by visiting Accura Glass website.


Brands We Trust – Barrisol

Paul Lafrance and his team know that Barrisol provides innovative interior design solutions that are required on every project by balancing advanced technology with aesthetic beauty. Barrisol® is the world leader of stretched ceiling and a reliable partner.

About Barrisol

Barrisol® is a manufacturer of stretch ceilings, walls, organic and 3D Forms, indoor and outdoor. With more than 50 years of experience and a network of 1,200 partners worldwide, the company offers a complete line of products for design professionals (e.g architects, decorators & interior designers) and for end users. Its international experience and local presence help to ensure a quality application for your project.
Barrisol® stretch ceiling complete range of products and ceilings:

3D Form
Acoustic Light®
Illuminated light boxes®
Light Color
Light Lines®
PLUS® Lamp
Print your Mind®
Recycled Membrane
The bio-based
Trempo Acoustic®
Brick Effect
Butterfly Lamp by Chantal Thomass
Ceiling tiles
Chair by vallon®
Clean room
Concrete Effect
Les effets matières
Lighting 3D form
Lighting wall
Lumière color wall
Marble Effect
Projection and lighting
Wood Effect

Why does Paul Lafrance Design love to incorporate Barrisol® in projects? The Barrisol® Universe offers endless possibilities for Paul Lafrance and his team to create unique designs with a combination of vibrant colors and complex shapes for backyard or deck decoration projects. From organic shapes or waves, to spheres or more conventional forms, Barrisol® enables Paul’s team to create all types of stretch ceilings and panels for renovation or new buildings construction.

Enjoy a diverse palette of more than 230 unique colors! Choose a texture, finish, printed image, translucent element and your Barrisol® ceiling can provide you with almost any look or feel you desire.

Bring a new style to your home! Get inspired at:


Paul Lafrance Design with WALLdesign

Paul Lafrance and his team are proud to use WALLdesign products to style walls and ceiling with high-end decorative tiles and panels. Contemporary, rustic, classic, casual, chic… It doesn’t matter the style! Everything is possible with the products developed by MURdesign’s. The decorative panels that are rich in textures and versatile have inspired the team to create incredible and timeless backyard and decks projects.

About WALLdesign

By using high quality and innovative technologies, MURdesign’s decorative wall and ceiling panels offer various finishes that are very similar to real trendy materials. Easy to install, they are accessible to all types of do-it-yourselfers. Besides that, it is an eco-friendly brand since most of their products are composed of 100% recycled wood fiber.

Here’s an overview of the WALLdesign products:


Decorative wall


4” x 8” Pannel


Suspended ceilings

Concrete effect tile

2′ x 2′ Tile

2′ x 4′ Tile

4′ x 4′ Tile











Explore the potential of your own décor at:

Why does Paul Lafrance Design love to incorporate WALLdesign in projects?

A strong basis is essential for the success of any decoration project. Well-dressed walls are a key element of an harmonious backyard or deck decoration. The big variety of sizes, textures and finishes from MURdesign’s delivers just what the team at Paul Lafrance Design is looking for in each project.

Bring a new life to your home! Get inspired at:

Bostitch Tools

Brands We TrustBOSTITCH and Paul Lafrance Designs

When it comes to making thousands of cuts on a big building project, Paul Lafrance Designs’ build teams know that BOSTITCH will never let them down. Power, speed, and reliability are on their side from the beginning to the end.


BOSTITCH is an American company that specializes in design and manufacture top-quality and innovative power tools such as air compressors, pneumatic staplers and nailers for industrial, construction, and home-improvement applications.

With a history dating back more than 100 years, BOSTITCH is a reliable partner for Paul Lafrance and his custom deck building team.


Here’s an overview of the BOSTITCH product lines:

Construction tools

BOSTITCH® Construction tools are available in kits or bare

– Nailers

– Staplers

– Tackers and Pliers

– Combo Kits

– Power Tools

Hand Tools

BOSTITCH® Hand Tools are made strong, durable and built to last

– Demolition Tools

– Fastening Tools

– Cutting Tools

– Measuring & Layout

– Hammers

– Wrenches

– Screwdrivers

– Storage

Automotive Tools

BOSTITCH automotive tools are made strong and durable with chrome-vanadium steel to withstand harsh conditions

– Air Tools

– Wrenches

– Mechanics Tools

– Ratchets

– Socket Sets

Industrial Tools

– Industrial Nailers

– Industrial Staplers

– Industrial Fasteners


– Nails

– Staples

– Flooring Fasteners

– Industrial Fasteners

Air Compressors

– Air hoses

– Combo kits

– Hand carry and wheeled

– Lubricants and oils


– Air hoses

– Airline Fittings and Accessories

– Lubricants and Oils

– Power Tool Accessories

Learn more about BOSTITCH products at:

Why does Paul LaFrance choose BOSTITCH tools?

Durability, reliability and versatility are essential for Paul Lafrance and his team to design and create the coolest backyards and decks that you have ever seen! Therefore, BOSTITCH tools match their needs and make the difference during the amazing renovation process.

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