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The sink is the “hub” of the kitchen, but is it so often overlooked when renovating one of the most important rooms in the house. Why settle for a single-use sink when you could reinvent your kitchen with a Galley Workstations from The Galley. Paul chose one of the Galley Workstations for his own kitchen and would suggest them to anyone.

The Galley was created by a passionate kitchen designer and family cook who saw the potential in a workstation where all the prepping, serving, entertaining, and cleaning up could happen. Starting with a prototype in his own kitchen, Roger Shollmier (Inventor & Chief Designer) made that idea into a reality. The Galley Collection® is now available in 6 lengths to suit any size indoor or outdoor kitchen.

So much more than a sink, The Galley is a super-functional kitchen workstation. Every Galley Workstations comes with a well-appointed culinary kit that is available in your choice of white or black restaurant-quality resin, or Natural Bamboo. Culinary kits are comprised of cutting boards, colanders, bowls, and drain racks that fit into The Galley’s dual-tier system. They also offer an impressive selection of additional accessories to suit your every need, like the Condiment Serving Board, the Bottom Sink Divider and the Upper-tier Garnish Board to name a few.

So, if you are looking for a super-functional, smart and stylish focal point to amp up your kitchen, or you want to streamline your prep and cook time, check out The Galley website and pick the Galley Workstations that works best for you.

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