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Thermory Thermo-Treated Wood – Brands We Trust

You know how much we love Trex composite decking, but sometimes a project calls for natural, solid wood boards. One of our favourite discoveries here at Paul Lafrance Design is a heat-treated wood product called Thermory that’s long-lasting and beautiful.

Using a technique developed in Europe & in use for 15 years, each board is treated with steam and high heat, with computer-controlled precision. The process treats the wood by bringing moisture content down to just 6% and stabilizes the cellular structure of the wood fibres to protect it against warping or shifting in the presence of moisture. This gives them a Class 1 durability – meaning that Thermory deck boards will resist rot and insect damage for 25 years.

These boards are beautiful, too. The heating process darkens the wood colour to a deep and rich exotic brown that can be preserved by treating with a UV-protecting oil, or left to weather to a cool silvery grey, depending on your preference.

So they’re tough and they look good, but how are they to work with? Paul and the build crew say “Great”! With a variety of fastening options, including old-fashioned face screws or pre-cut grooves for a variety of sleek hidden decking clips, builders have all kinds of options available. Thermory boards are also lightweight and won’t break your back to move around, coming in at half the weight of Ipe hardwood, while being twice the strength of regular cedar. They also feature a revolutionary Joint-End-Matched system, which allows the ends of the deck boards to lock together. These joints are strong enough to lock together without needing to rest on a support joist and save you a lot of time on measuring & cutting, as well as greatly reduce wasted materials.

The icing on the cake is that the treatment process is eco-friendly, using only heat and steam, with no harsh chemicals. To create their boards, Thermory also uses ash wood from sustainable North American forests. No worries about toxic sawdust, here.

Check it out and consider Thermory for your next wood decking or flooring project (they thermo-treat wood for interiors, too). Don’t forget that we’re always looking for cool new products to try, so get in touch and tell us about your product! With Paul taking his cool designs indoors on his upcoming show “Custom Built”, he’s on the lookout for the right materials for his interior projects.

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