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Venture Games – Brands We Trust

Known for being one of the very best in the business, Venture Games creates traditional, pro level gaming tables that are as elegant as they are functional. Each table is created domestically — no outsourcing overseas labour — by master crafters armed with passionate dedication & years of experience, using top quality materials. A little bit like us! Clearly, Paul working with Venture was a match made in Heaven.

Every single Venture Games gaming table is a work of art, made to order according to the client’s choice of customizations, which can include finishes, leathers, details and hardwoods. They carry a full complement of accessories, too, including leather dust covers made to fit your table, brushes, lighting, score boards & more! Your brand new table will also come with your own table care kit, including all the liquid wax, silicone spray, and other products that’ll keep your table perfect for years to come. You can check out their website here!

Plus, Venture Games tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses, from competition-sized shuffleboard tables to smaller versions that fit well in a compact family home. And not just shuffleboard! When we chose the Winston ping pong table for our project, we knew that not only would the homeowners receive an excellently crafted & attractive play surface, they’d also have a beautiful and functional table that looks perfectly at home regardless of its dual nature! Constructed of solid 1-3/4″ thick rock hard maple, this is one that they’ll be passing down to the kids (and their kids’ kids!). With gaming tables like these, you’ll be moving your gaming room out of your basement and making it part of your daily living.

Friendly, enthusiastic and with fantastic customer service, Venture Games is a company that Paul Lafrance Design is proud to count among our suppliers. See you next week for another ‘We <3 It!’ Wednesday feature!

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