Backyard Revolution TV

Putting the REAL back into REALity TV

1 camera

2 guys

3 years in the making

“I love all the shows I created in the past, but you can only capture so much of the REAL stories of those builds in 22 minutes. So I decided to create my own show that captures what really happens on a challenging project, without covering over the screw-ups…cause your gonna screw up! This show tells a real authentic story, which is exactly what I wanted, but after 3 years including post production, I’m also proud that to have created a network quality show with just two guys! It was well worth the time.”

– Paul Lafrance

Without all the powder & makeup

The first season of Backyard Revolution follows Paul through the process of an iconic build in a way that has never been shown in lifestyle television. It chronicles the ups and downs of the job, as well as struggles on and off camera for Paul, the crew, and even the homeowners.

Check out Paul Lafrance, star of Decked Out and Custom Built, in his new breakthrough 14 episode reality TV series.

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As you know, Backyard Revolution, which is a network quality Production, was made with just 2 guys, and one camera. And yes…I’m well aware that you’ve gotta be a little nuts to spend 3 YEARS creating a full 14 episode series on your own….BUT….it’s the show I ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE.

A show that breaks the mold of reality tv…and hides nothing. And i’m extremely proud of the result. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s decked out meets Deadpool!

So please consider visiting our patreon page, as your donation will not only help us make more online content, but also help to prove that edgier, gutsier, more raw, more authentic CONTENT is what YOU want.

So If you want to see MORE REAL in reality tv…then your donation…will make a statement….plus you’ll get some fun bonus content to boot! Thanks again for watching, and I hope to see you in season 2.

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