Found in the Fury

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“For every heart that dares to believe that this love is actually real, today is your day.”

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The band

Writer of lyrics and melodies, Strummer of guitar strings, Lead Singer of songs, Banger of hand-drums, Box Breaker, and Master of origami.
Writer of melodies, Master of stringed instruments and all things musical, Background vocals, Mathematical genius.
Presser of piano keys, Vocal contributor, Muse.
Beat-Master, Closet singer, Cross-the-Line Joke Teller.

To sum up a long journey of passion and discovery in one statement is like trying to funnel the water going over Niagara Falls through a garden hose. That being said…here goes nothin:

To discern that there is something wrong with “Christianity” in our culture is a cheap gift. To see and not judge is another thing entirely. To truly love, regardless of opinion, is a miracle. We stand as broken vessels who have been so impacted by the love of this Jesus dude, that nothing else matters anymore.

With the storms of life raging around us, and the temptation to steer toward a safe harbour a seemingly obvious choice…we chose one day to stay at sea. We chose to find Him, no matter the cost. It was there, in the fury of the wind and waves, that we dropped our sails. It was there that He found us.

The reason we play is to encourage you to sail into the unknown. Past what you have heard. Further than what religion has taught you. Outside what your adult mind tells you is safe. It is there He waits…and He is beyond what you have ever imagined. We are Found in the Fury.

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