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by Paul Lafrance

Inspiring people to push past the barriers in life.

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Paul Lafrance, known internationally as “the Deck Guy”, has wowed television audiences for years with his cutting edge design concepts for outdoor living.

Several years after the premier seasons of “Decked Out,” “Deck Wars,” and “Disaster Decks”, Paul was able to showcase his unique talent for interior design as well, in the hit series “Custom Built.”

Paul was also a judge on “Canada’s Handyman Challenge” as well as being featured on the recent HGTV hit “Home To Win.”

paul lafrance

As a public speaker, Paul has built a reputation for having an undeniable mix of the deep and ridiculous. Whether he’s talking about the importance of intentional design, keys to building with integrity and efficiency, or addressing crowds of aspiring craftspeople and artisans, Paul has a unique talent for inspiring people to push past the barriers in their own lives as well.

Paul is passionate about the idea that everyone has a story. Helping others to discover what truly makes them come alive and to find their own unique abilities to impact the world around them is a constant theme when he speaks. From home and garden shows to charity events to college and university campuses, he has proven to be both a dynamic and motivating force on stage and off.

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Getting inside your head

Paul is renowned for his ability to “get inside people’s heads” and incorporate personal stories into his designs. “Most people in the world believe that not only do others not know their story, but they don’t care to” says Paul. The result of his approach is that people’s redesigned homes reflect their unique interests and family life in truly remarkable ways. His philosophy is to constantly push past barriers, both in design and in life, which has not only made countless jaw-dropping designs possible, but also has made a real impact on the lives of those he’s worked with.


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